Court: Microsoft Can’t Be Forced To Turn Over User Emails Stored Outside Of U.S.

When law enforcement officials serve a tech company with a warrant for information on a specific user, does the fact that the company could easily access that information online negate the concern that the sought-after data is stored wholly outside the U.S.? A federal appeals court — in a case involving a Microsoft email user — says that the location of the information does matter. [More]

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DNA Molecules Can Now Store Hundreds Of Megabytes Of Digital Data

In a scene that could be straight out of Battlestar Galactica or Caprica, researchers from Microsoft and the University of Washington say they have found a way to successfully encode and store hundreds of megabytes of data in synthetic DNA molecules. [More]

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Microsoft Apologizes For Trying To Be Cool With Email Inviting “Bae” Interns For “Dranks”

There is perhaps nothing so cringeworthy as someone who is most definitely *not* cool trying to talk to the younger crowd in their own language. Microsoft is apologizing for such an effort after hitting a spectacularly uncool note this week in an email to its interns, calling them “bae” and inviting them to have a “lots of dranks” on a Monday night at a company event. [More]


Microsoft Making Its Windows 10 Upgrade Prompts A Bit Less Pushy

After numerous Windows 7 and 8 users complained that Microsoft was being overly aggressive in trying to get them to upgrade to Windows 10, the company says that for real, this time, it’s going to be a lot less in-your-face with its update reminders. [More]


Woman Wins $10K From Microsoft For Automatic Windows 10 Upgrade

The chorus of complaints from PC users over how pushy Microsoft has been with its Windows 10 upgrades reached a new level recently, after a woman won a $10,000 judgment against the company for an automatic installation gone wrong that she said seriously mucked up her computer. [More]


Microsoft Getting Into The Legal Marijuana Business With Software That Tracks Pot Plants

We’ve come a long way from the days of warning teens about the dangers of reefer madness, America. These days, major corporations are hopping into bed with marijuana in the hopes of making money in states where marijuana is legal. Microsoft is the first big company to get into the weed business, with a new partnership to offer software that tracks pot plants from “seed to sale.” [More]

Why Is Microsoft Spending $26 Billion To Acquire LinkedIn?

Why Is Microsoft Spending $26 Billion To Acquire LinkedIn?

Microsoft will soon have your resume on file — or at least the resume of a few hundred million LinkedIn members. The two companies announced a deal this morning that would see Microsoft pay $26.2 billion to acquire the job-networking site. [More]

Microsoft Protects You From Yourself, Outright Bans Worst Passwords

The point of a password is to keep your accounts secure. A bad password, though, doesn’t do that very well. And despite decades’ worth of repeated warnings not to use the same terrible passwords, millions of people still regularly do, even when a system tries to require better ones. So Microsoft, in the name of customer protection, has finally had enough and is just going to start banning the really crappy ones altogether.


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7 Products By The Biggest Tech Companies That Failed Miserably

Hearing the news that Google is taking another stab at social media with a new group-chatting app dubbed “Spaces” may feel like deja vu for anyone paying attention to the tech giant’s previous, mostly unsuccessful efforts to gain traction in the social media world with Google+. But Google isn’t the only big name in the tech world that’s tried and failed to popularize a new tech product, not by a long shot. [More]

Burned By Too Many Scams, Microsoft Bans Tech Support Ads In Bing Search Results

Burned By Too Many Scams, Microsoft Bans Tech Support Ads In Bing Search Results

Imagine if an entire section of the phone book (remember those?) was dominated by fake companies and scam artists. You’d hope the phone book people would wise up and get rid of that section. That appears to be Microsoft’s way of thinking as it bans tech support ads from its Bing search results. [More]


Microsoft Will Finally Stop Nagging PC Users To Upgrade To Windows 10 In July

If you’re running any version of Windows on your PC that isn’t Windows 10, you’re undoubtedly familiar with Microsoft’s persistent efforts to push users to upgrade, by way of pop-ups and automatic installations. Those days will be over soon, as Microsoft is promising to stop nagging folks come July. [More]


Google Chrome Dethrones Internet Explorer To Become Most Popular Browser

If the technology world was a high school hallway, Google Chrome would be shoving past former prom queen Internet Explorer while wrinkling its nose like it smells something particularly offensive. That’s because Chrome is now the most popular browser, as it recently took home a larger share of the market than its rival for the first time. [More]

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Microsoft & Google Continue Lovefest, Agree To Drop Regulatory Complaints Against Each Other

Google and Microsoft are building off the new lovey-dovey relationship they embarked last year on when they agreed to stop suing each other over patents: the two best friends you ever did meet are not promising to drop all pending regulatory complaints against each other across the globe.


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Microsoft To Stop Production Of Xbox 360

Last fall, Microsoft issued a software update on the Xbox One’s second birthday that included backward compatibility that allows owners to play some of their old Xbox 360 games on the newer console. With that feature firmly in place, Microsoft announced Wednesday that it will say goodbye to the 10-year-old console.  [More]


Microsoft Sues Justice Dept.; Wants To Be Able To Tell Users When Govt. Reads Their Files

Before the advent of cloud computing, law enforcement would often have to physically go into an office or home and seize computers and servers of criminal suspects and their cohorts — an obvious tip-off that an investigation is taking place. But now, with so much data living far from the devices used to access it, the government can seize that information without having to load up a van full of hardware, leaving the target of the investigation none the wiser. What’s more, the government can try to block cloud-computing companies from telling affected customers about these seizures, which Microsoft believes is a violation of the Constitution. [More]


Microsoft Bringing Android Notifications To Windows 10 PCs

For those times when your Android smartphone isn’t clutched safely in your hand or resting at an accessible distance nearby, you may experience moments when you’re unaware if you’ve just received a text or missed a phone call. Microsoft says it’s going to ameliorate any uneasiness you may feel by funneling Android phone notifications over to PCs running on Windows 10. [More]

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New Microsoft Office Starbucks Extension Lets You Schedule Coffee Meetings, Buy Gift Cards

The technological powers that be understand that people often don’t want to click around in more apps or programs than they have to. In a move meant for caffeine lovers on the job, one of Microsoft’s newest add-ins for its Office programs lets Starbucks customers do things like schedule meetings at the local coffee shop and buy gift cards for the store as well from within Outlook. [More]

Raiders Of The Lost Walmart Will Rock Out With This Zune

Raiders Of The Lost Walmart Will Rock Out With This Zune

Across the country, hidden away on clearance shelves and junk bins, there are piles of inexplicably outdated and overpriced electronics that should have no place on a store shelf. Our readers who scour the nation’s big-box stores in search of these retail antiquities are the Raiders of the Lost Walmart. In their latest field report, we see a modestly old PC, an iPod Touch and iPhone case that charges your device from 2011 or earlier from AA batteries, and the hottest media player Microsoft had to offer in 2009. [More]