This Five-Cheese Lasagna Has Maybe One Cheese

This Five-Cheese Lasagna Has Maybe One Cheese

No one expects a gourmet experience from a frozen lasagna, but reader Rodney did expect his Michelina Lean Gourmet five-cheese lasagna entree to at least sort of resemble lasagna. It did not. [More]

Would you say that this looks like an open-faced sandwich if you didn't know?

Am I Expecting Too Much For A Cheap Frozen Meal To Look Edible?

Erica likes to bring frozen meals to work for her lunch, and thought that she would try a new entrée from discount brand Michelina’s: an open-faced beef and mashed potato sandwich. Anything involving frozen bread and gravy would give some people misgivings, but Erica thought it sounded promising. What she got after she opened the package and microwaved it was… whatever the opposite of “promising” is. [More]