Tired Of Food Photography? Try Meta-Food Photography

Tired of seeing pictures online that people have snapped of their food? Maybe there’s a better way. The blog Pictures of Hipsters Taking Pictures of Food offers a much deeper socioeconomic and culinary context for meal snaps. Also, it makes fun of people. [Tumblr]

Carey Will Be Back Next Weekend

Carey Will Be Back Next Weekend

Our beloved weekend editor Carey is taking the weekend off. I have put on my Carey wig, my Carey vest, my Carey shoes, and my Carey clown nose and will be posting this weekend as a very poor substitute for Carey, while the weather outside is amazing. Here’s a picture of how we probably all feel about this.

Rebate’s Extinction Draws Near

Soon, we may be able to visit the Museum of Natural History and point and guffaw at an ugly, overstuffed, extinct beast: the rebate.