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Glossary Of Coupon Ninja Message Board Terms

Glossary Of Coupon Ninja Message Board Terms

You want to get in on the hot coupon action. You read stories like the one yesterday about the lady who bought 51 items for $45.56 using coupons and you think, damn, I want to go to there. The best deals are getting swapped among elite coupon freaks in online coupon forums where they trade the latest coupons, tips and tactics and refine their deal strategies. But penetrating these zones can seem daunting for the novice, especially when they speak in their own coded language. DND9? OOP? WYB? To help out, here’s a big glossary of common coupon terms and abbreviations to help get you started and not come off as such a newbie.


Tide: Good For Removing Feces Stains

Tide: Good For Removing Feces Stains

One of the many uses for Tide is feces stains, so the company decided to open up the discussion by starting a whole thread devoted to their removal. Sprinkled in and amongst the legitimate feces stain removal company area a few suspect comments, like “im david michler. i had feces all over myslef the other day and this tide works great! i dont know how i got it on me but when i woke up 3 guys ran out my room. and it was all over my shirt and pants. i used tide about 3 days after the incident and it got it out with very little stains left over. thank you tide. i love you.” Then there’s “Josie” who says that until Tide came along, she used to take his soiled underwear back to Walmart for a refund, and “tammy ampersand” who warns against using Mountain Fresh for douching, “as it attracts birds.” No doubt sociologists will some day come up with a technical term for this juvenile online behavior, which has been seen in the past in the Amazon product reviews for the “Oozinator” toy gun, and milk. My only disappointment is that the related thread, “Big Game Stains and Solutions” had nothing in there about getting elk blood out. The sure-to-be-soon deleted message board posts, inside…