Coke And Mentos Geyser Tests The Limits Of A Condom

Coke And Mentos Geyser Tests The Limits Of A Condom

It probably isn’t necessary for us consumers to test the structural integrity of our condoms, but this video published last week features a bold Italian experimenter doing just that. [More]

Mentos To Give Away "Mentos Soda Geyser Loading Tubes"?

This is excellent news, because as far as we’re concerned Diet Coke isn’t good for anything except for making Mentos geysers. Come to think of it, Mentos aren’t good for anything else either. A loading tube provides a valuable service to consumers. —MEGHANN MARCO

Bloodsport Does Mentos

Although sad that this Jean Claude Van Damme Mentos commercial doesn’t end with him punching a tube of Mentos Ricky-Oh style through the spurting torso of his enemies, it’s amazing how Mentos-like Van Damme’s girly little chase scene from Bloodsport actually is.