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Precut Veggies From Albertsons, Meijer, Safeway, Whole Foods & Others Added To Listeria Recall

Have you bought precut fresh or frozen vegetables in the last month or so? A wide variety of veggie-containing products, ranging from stir fry kits to salad bar greens, have been recalled for possible Listeria contamination. New additions to the list include products from Albertsons, Alaska Carrot, H-E-B, Meijer, Ready. Chef. Go!, Safeway, Whole Foods, and Vons. [More]

Swimsuits For Babies And Toddlers Sold At Meijer Recalled For Detaching Snaps

Swimsuits For Babies And Toddlers Sold At Meijer Recalled For Detaching Snaps

It’s nearly the end of summer (where did the time go?) but if your baby or toddler hasn’t outgrown these super-cute swimsuits from Meijer yet, you should know that they’ve been recalled because the snaps can detach, posing a choking hazard. [More]

Listeria-Contaminated Cheese Recall Expands To Cover Mushrooms, Other Snacks

Listeria-Contaminated Cheese Recall Expands To Cover Mushrooms, Other Snacks

Just like previous recalls before it — salmonella-tainted milk powder, flour-contaminated with E. coli, and listeria-infected cookie dough — the recent listeria contamination of certain cheese from Deutsch Kase Haus has spread to include a number of companies and products, including Meijer and MDS cheese and snacks.  [More]

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Meijer Ditches Plus-Size Department To Attract More Plus-Size Customers: Wait, What?

At a time when clothing retailers are fretting over their business, there’s one segment of the market where sales are actually increasing: plus-size women’s clothing. Discount store Meijer is taking advantage of this change, and is changing things so the plus-size department will go away, and sizes XS through XXXL will be on the same rack together. [More]

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Meijer Recalls Fresh Salads, Sandwiches Over Possible Salmonella Contamination

If you recently stocked your fridge with fresh salads and sandwiches from Meijer in hopes of grabbing an easy lunch, you might want to find other plans — unless you want a side of Salmonella.  [More]

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Lawsuit Claims Meijer Failed To Provide Worker A Safe Place To Pump Breast Milk

For a nursing mother, it can be quite a challenge to find somewhere private to pump breast milk when you aren’t actively feeding your baby. But although a federal law requires employers to provide such a safe spot for workers, one former employee of grocery chain Meijer claims in a lawsuit that there was no such place for her to express breast milk while she was at work, which she says ultimately led to her losing her job. [More]


FBI Nabs Guy Suspected Of Spraying Mouse Poison On Food At Several Michigan Stores

Police in Michigan and the FBI say they’ve got a man in custody who admitted to spraying a mixture of mouse poison, hand cleaner, and water on produce and other unpackaged food at several grocery stores. [More]

15 Types Of Frozen Vegetables Sold At Costco, Meijer Recalled Over Listeria Concerns

15 Types Of Frozen Vegetables Sold At Costco, Meijer Recalled Over Listeria Concerns

For the second time this month packages of frozen vegetables sold at national retailers has been recalled for possible listeria contamination. CRF Frozen Foods issued a recall of 15 frozen vegetable products sold at Costco and Meijer stores over the weekend.  [More]

One of many products from Barber Foods that may be contaminated with Salmonella. Many.

1.7 Million Pounds Of Barber Foods Chicken Products Recalled For Possible Salmonella

The U.S. Department of Agriculture, the government agency that has jurisdiction only over foods containing meat for some reason that we don’t understand, has recalled 1,707,494 pounds of frozen chicken products because they may be contaminated with Salmonella. [More]

Best Buy Changes Mind, Ends Its Ban On Apple Pay

Best Buy Changes Mind, Ends Its Ban On Apple Pay

When Apple Pay launched last fall, Best Buy was among the most high-profile retailers who refused to accept the new mobile payment platform because of its allegiance to the in-development CurrentC, a competing service from a Walmart-led coalition of retailers. But with CurrentC’s rollout still lingering in the vague future, Best Buy has decided it’s time to give Apple Pay a shot. [More]

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Police: Man Said He Showed Meijer Workers Nude Selfies Because It Cheered Him Up

We’ve all had the blues, but when you need cheering up it shouldn’t involve showing unsuspecting store workers pictures of your junk. That’s what police in Grand Rapids say one man admitted to doing, because he says it cheers him up when he’s not feeling so great. [More]

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Meijer Offering $10 Coupon To Customers After Two Credit & Debit System Failures

Meijer is trying to win back customers with an apology and a $10 coupon, after customers were forced to either pay cash or abandon their shopping carts two days in a row last month. The retailer suffered two credit card system failures, two days in a row, that kept shoppers from paying for their goods with credit or debit cards. [More]

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6,215 Pounds Of Serrano Chile Peppers Recalled For Extra-Spicy Salmonella

Serrano chile peppers add delicious spiciness to your meals, but do you know what is not a delicious fresh ingredient? Salmonella. Random testing turned up signs of the pathogen in a batch of peppers sold in Meijer stores in Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio. Peppers in that batch may have also ended up at other retailers, including Publix, Walmart, and Harris Teeter. [More]

Meijer Agrees To Pay $2M Fine For Continued Distribution Of 12 Recalled Products

Meijer Agrees To Pay $2M Fine For Continued Distribution Of 12 Recalled Products

By now we should all know that once a product has been formally recalled by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, it is illegal for a retailer to sell that item – or to distribute that item to other stores. Yet, there have been several cases in which that rule isn’t followed, leading to stiff fines for the stores. The latest case involves national retailer Meijer paying $2 million in penalties for the continued distribution of 12 recalled products. [More]

Year seven, still going strong.

Meijer Gives Video Game History Lesson, Plays Mass Effect Trailer On Loop For 7 Years

This bit of video game lore in a discount store isn’t fodder for the Raiders of the Lost Walmart, because it isn’t something for sale. It’s not a retail antiquity, exactly, but a display in the video games section of a Meijer store that features a bafflingly old game. [More]

Coffee “Price Drop” At Meijer Means You Pay 10 Cents More

Coffee “Price Drop” At Meijer Means You Pay 10 Cents More

“Walmart and Target aren’t the only ones with weird ‘value’ pricing,” a reader pointed out to us in an e-mail over the weekend. Indeed, wherever there are price tags, sales, and workers who are not encouraged to use common sense, you will find fuzzy math. [More]

Is It Too Soon For A Novelty Titanic Tea Infuser?

Is It Too Soon For A Novelty Titanic Tea Infuser?

As we learned when Spaghetti-Os sent a tweet commemorating the anniversary of the bombing of Pearl Harbor with a flag-waving noodle, some people take offense to the commercialization of tragedies that maybe their grandparents might remember. How soon is too soon to commercialize a tragedy? Does that extend to the tragedies of our great-grandparents’ time, too? [More]

Meijer Store Greeter Claims He Was Fired For Leaving His Post To Help Customer Put Out A Fire

Meijer Store Greeter Claims He Was Fired For Leaving His Post To Help Customer Put Out A Fire

At a Meijer store in Michigan, it appears that where there’s fire, there’s an employee claiming he got fired. A store greeter says he lost his job for leaving his post, which is against the rules, but he only walked away to help a customer put out a van fire in the parking lot. [More]