MegaUpload Founder Trots Out New File-Sharing Site Claiming It Totally Isn’t A Pirate Site

Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom celebrated the one-year anniversary of his site getting shut down with the birth of his brand new baby website yesterday. Dotcom launched file-sharing site Mega on Sunday, which besides sharing half of its predecessor’s name, he says is not at all like the site that’s been accused of pirating online content.  [More]

Megaupload User Data To Get Two-Week Stay Of Execution

Megaupload User Data To Get Two-Week Stay Of Execution

Things were looking grim for the millions of users who had made mega uploads to Megaupload, as authorities stated that data could begin being deleted off the site’s servers as early as this Thursday. But the two hosting companies that currently house all those files aren’t ready to bring down the virtual axe just yet. [More]

Megaupload User Files — Even The Non-Pirated Stuff — Could Be Destroyed

Less than two weeks after authorities shut down file-sharing site Megaupload, it looks like everything stored by users on that site’s servers could soon be erased, even the stuff that wasn’t pirated. [More]