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Sexiest CEO In America Final Showdown: Jamie Dimon vs. Meg Whitman

Every year, when our Worst Company in America tournament rolls around, some yaysayers wonder why we can’t be more positive. “Where’s the Best Company in America?” they ask. This year, we finally took their complaints to heart. Which is to say that we’re asking you, our readers, to choose the biggest heartthrob among the top chief executives in America. Welcome to the final round of our first annual Sexiest CEO in America Tournament! [More]

Get Shoved By The CEO Of eBay, Receive $200,000?

Get Shoved By The CEO Of eBay, Receive $200,000?

The NYT is reporting that Meg Whitman, former CEO of eBay and current Republican candidate for governor of California, allegedly shoved an employee who didn’t do a sufficient job of preparing her for an interview with Reuters. [More]