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McDonald’s Franchisees: New McCafé Beverages Take Too Long To Make

For a few years now, McDonald’s franchisees have been vocal about their dislike of the McCafé line of espresso beverages. The company has responded by adding more beverages to the line and requiring restaurants to spend thousands on new machines. Franchisees are not fans of this change. [More]


McDonald’s Suggests Putting Your Phone In A Locker Rather Than Talking Through Meal

Walk into just about any restaurant — it doesn’t matter the price or quality of food — and you’ll see many diners constantly fidgeting with their phones, if not ignoring their table mates altogether while they tap away on their screens. McDonald’s may be the last place on Earth you’d expect to care about this decrease in human interaction, but some Golden Arches franchises are trying to get customers talking to each other again. [More]

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A Company You May Not Have Even Heard Of Supplies 1/3 Of America’s Butter

Grassland Dairy Products is a 113-year-old company that has been selling butter since it was hand-churned, and currently produces more than a million tons of the stuff each year. There’s a good chance you’ve eaten Grassland Dairy products, even if you didn’t realize it. [More]

Gang Of Ronald McDonald Clowns Storms Burger King, Taunting Workers

Gang Of Ronald McDonald Clowns Storms Burger King, Taunting Workers

If the idea of a group of clowns descending en masse on a restaurant sounds terrifies you down to your bones, you may not want to keep reading: A gang of people dressed as Ronald McDonald recently stormed a Welsh Burger King for a bit of good-natured ribbing. [More]


McDonald’s Manager Accused Of Handing Out Cocaine Hidden Inside Bags Of Food

While some might say that McDonald’s shouldn’t be handing out toys with its Happy Meals in an effort to entice the younger set, customers at a Golden Arches in New York City were apparently getting an even more controversial item with their orders: Police say the night shift manager of a Bronx location was selling drugs to customers, and hiding it inside bags of food. [More]

McDonald’s Bringing Back “Really Limited” Quantity Of Szechuan Sauce For One Day

McDonald’s Bringing Back “Really Limited” Quantity Of Szechuan Sauce For One Day

McDonald’s Szechuan sauce may be long forgotten by many folks, and others never noticed its brief existence in the first place, but among its fans, Szechuan sauce has taken on near-mythical status, stoked by the cartoon exploits of an ornery mad scientist. [More]

New Clothing Line From Taco Bell and Forever21 Is Reason To Just Give Up

New Clothing Line From Taco Bell and Forever21 Is Reason To Just Give Up

Imagine a world where humans are not only vessels for advertising multibillion-dollar global fast food chains, but where we’re expected to pay for that privilege. If that sounds good to you, then Taco Bell and Forever21 have some clothes they want you to buy. [More]


Which Fast Food Chain Do Legal Marijuana Users Prefer When Hunger Hits?

When the last joint has been smoked, the vaporizer has run out of oil, and the Munchies Monster is demanding to be fed, where do marijuana users go to feast? [More]


Panera CEO Challenges Fast Food Execs To Eat From Their Kids’ Menus For A week

When it comes to verbal throwdowns, Panera CEO Ron Shaich isn’t shy about expressing how he really feels about the chain’s rivals. Now, he’s challenging fast food executives to eat exclusively from their kids’ menus to prove they really like their own offerings. [More]

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McDonald’s Gradually Expanding Its Use Of Antibiotic-Free Chickens To Rest Of The World

Here in the U.S., McDonald’s says its McNuggets are all already sourced from chickens raised without the use of controversial antibiotics. But the continued overuse of antibiotics in overseas farm animals — particularly in some developing nations where the practice is growing — also puts people worldwide at risk for contracting and spreading antibiotic-resistant bacteria. So today, McDonald’s said it is expanding its antibiotic-free program on a global basis — but not right away. [More]


McDonald’s Customer Claims She Found Needle In Hamburger

Over the years, consumers have found a plethora of things in their fast food orders that are not actual ingredients for the meals, from marijuana dusted french fries to oatmeal with a free hot water machine lever. In the most recent incident, a Kentucky woman claims she found the tip of a needle in her McDonald’s hamburger.  [More]


The Grease Blotter: Teens Terrorize Wendy’s With Fireworks; McDonald’s Worker Punched In Face Over Fries

Over the years, we’ve heard about plenty of incidents involving customers-gone-bad, from those who assault fast food employees when their orders are wrong to more extreme measures like setting fire to a store. We can add a few more bad consumers to this list after two separate, but equally disturbing, incidents at a Florida Wendy’s and a Texas McDonald’s.  [More]

Determined To Get It Right, McDonald’s Testing Chicken Tenders Again

Determined To Get It Right, McDonald’s Testing Chicken Tenders Again

More than two years after McDonald’s brought back its Chicken Select tenders for a limited time, the Golden Arches is once again trying its hand at the chicken meal, this time with a crispy buttermilk version.  [More]


Here’s Where To Get Your National Ice Cream Day Deals This Weekend

If you scream for ice cream, July 16 is your day: It’s National Ice Cream Day, which means there are free frozen treats up for grabs. [More]

McDonald’s Serving Bacon Cheese Fries At Some Restaurants

McDonald’s Serving Bacon Cheese Fries At Some Restaurants

McDonald’s customers in the San Francisco area may be able to score actual garlic fries, but fast food fans in four other states are getting a sneak preview of McDonald’s answer to Wendy’s Baconator fries.  [More]

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Something Glorious Happens When You Use A Hydraulic Press To Extrude 6 Cheeseburgers Through A 3mm Hole

It’s late afternoon after a long weekend and lord knows you probably don’t want to be wherever you are right now. We’ve got you covered with this soul-saving video of a hydraulic press doing gloriously destructive things to a series of unlucky fast food burgers. [More]

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Court Halts Chicago Soda Tax, But Some McDonald’s Restaurants Didn’t Get The Message

Only hours before a new tax on sweetened beverages was set to kick in, an Illinois judge issued a temporary injunction keeping it from going into effect. However, not everyone got that message and some McDonald’s customers in the Chicago area were charged a tax they shouldn’t have paid. [More]


Garlic Fries Returning To McDonald’s, But Only In San Francisco

McDonald’s continues to tease most of the country, dangling the promise of garlic fries — not some caked-on garlic-and-puke-flavored powder but real garlic — then pulling them away, and now bringing them back, but only in the San Francisco area. [More]