mcdonald’s monopoly

(Raymond Bryson)

McDonald’s Franchisees Pinning Hopes On Monopoly & McRib

Sales at McDonald’s have been slipping in recent years, and the company has done everything from making major changes in leadership to revamping the Dollar Menu to offering chicken wings that largely sat uncooked in franchisees’ freezers. Facing forecasts of another down quarter, franchisees are hoping that a couple of old favorites will help point sales in the positive direction. [More]

McDonald’s Monopoly Won’t Make Anyone A Millionaire

McDonald’s Monopoly Won’t Make Anyone A Millionaire

When I was a kid, I always looked forward to McDonald’s Monopoly rolling around. It always seemed like a million bucks was just one Boardwalk sticker on the back of my small fries away. Of course, I didn’t know the odds, but as McDonald’s Monopoly rolls around again, Fast Food News has been kind enough to tell you exactly how unlikely you are to get anything at all.