Hampton Creek Explains To The FDA That “Mayo” Is Not Necessarily “Mayonnaise”

Hampton Creek Explains To The FDA That “Mayo” Is Not Necessarily “Mayonnaise”

Hampton Creek, the company behind an eggless product called “Just Mayo,” has responded to the Food and Drug Administration’s warning that its product isn’t mayonnaise, and thus, shouldn’t be called “mayo.” That seems just fine by Hampton Creek, which recently responded to the FDA by agreeing with it. [More]

FDA Warns Company Behind “Just Mayo” That Its Product Isn’t Actually Mayonnaise

FDA Warns Company Behind “Just Mayo” That Its Product Isn’t Actually Mayonnaise

What difference does a food label make? A whole heck of a lot, according to the Food and Drug Administration. Which means if your product doesn’t abide by federal guidelines, it can’t masquerade as something it’s not. As such, the FDA is warning the makers of “Just Mayo,” a vegan-friendly spread, that it can’t call itself mayo because mayonnaise contains eggs, which its product does not. [More]

Hellmann’s Maker Gives Up The Legal Fight Against Eggless “Just Mayo”

Hellmann’s Maker Gives Up The Legal Fight Against Eggless “Just Mayo”

Not only is Hellmann’s maker Unilever dropping its lawsuit against the San Francisco company it claimed was misrepresenting mayonnaise by not including eggs in its Just Mayo product, but it sounds like the company is ready to give its former foe a big, mayo-filled hug. Mmm, squishy. [More]

(Mark Turnauckas)

Hellmann’s Sues Mayo Start-Up For False Advertising Because Mayonnaise Is Supposed To Contain Eggs

Sometimes I think my relationship with mayonnaise is unhealthy, but with new supposedly healthful versions of the condiment hitting the market each year, my love might not be too gluttonous. Except one of those alternate options is now the subject of a high-dollar lawsuit between one of the world’s largest mayo makers and a start-up claiming to be the next big thing when it comes to the creamy condiment. [More]


We Tried Grilled Cheese Fried In Mayo And It Is Delicious

Odds are many of you out there in this vast country of ours are looking out the window and seeing a snowy/sleety/icy/otherwise yucky wintry landscape. What’s better than a warm, gooey grilled cheese on a day like today? Maybe a grilled cheese fried not in butter or olive oil, as you might be accustomed to, but in (drumroll, please)… mayonnaise. [More]


Mayonnaise Defeats Ketchup For The Title Of Condiment King In America

You squirt it on burgers, dip your fries in it and maybe you even use it as a substitute for tomato sauce (nod judgments). But alas, ketchup is not king of condiments in these United States. No, it would appear that the tile of Most Popular goes to that polarizing condiment, mayonnaise. [More]

Can this possibly be true?

Can Store-Brand Ketchup & Mayonnaise Ever Taste As Good As Your Brand-Name Faves?

When I was a child, many of the items in my kitchen cupboard were in plain white containers with red and black block lettering, so I learned early not to be a brand snob — with a couple of exceptions. I am one of those people that turn into a sour-faced 4-year-old whenever I find my only ketchup and mayonnaise options are generic store-brand versions. But my cohorts at Consumer Reports claim that there are comparable, less expensive generics available for these and other pantry staples. [More]

My Mayo Exploded!

My Mayo Exploded!

This jar of exploding mayonnaise serves as a reminder why one should pay attention to the “sell-by” dates on the sides of packages. Submitter Doug writes:

Yesterday my mother went to open a new jar of Stop and Shop light mayonnaise. After she unscrewed the cap the contents started bubbling out from under the seal. She removed the seal and the result is what you see here. We took it back to the store, where they apologized and replaced it with the non-exploding kind.

You can see in the picture that the jar is six months past its sell-by date. UPDATE: Oops, we’re stupid, that’s the year 2008. Damn, there’s no reason for this mayo to go unless maybe that’s a misprint. Why would it explode, though? Bacteria get inside and cause a gaseous buildup? We’re betting heavy on “compromised seal.” Full-size pics inside…

How To: Make Mayonnaise

How To: Make Mayonnaise

Why pay a lot of money for bad mayonnaise when you can make really gourmet mayonnaise in a few minutes at a fraction of the cost? Here’s a simple recipe requiring no technique, commonly available ingredients, and my favorite kitchen power tool- the hand blender!

This looks a lot better than Miracle Whip, doesn’t it? What is Miracle Whip, anyway? —MEGHANN MARCO

Easy Cheap DIY Home Cleaning Formulas

Another alternative is microfiber cloths which lift off dirt, grease and dust without the need for cleaning chemicals, because they are formulated to penetrate and trap dirt. There are a number of different brands. A good quality cloth can last for several years.

And there are tons more like this. We really had no idea you could use mayonnaise to remove a water ring on wood. Share your tricks with us in the comments.—MEGHANN MARCO

Helmann’s Spreads It Thin

Helmann’s Spreads It Thin

Provoked by our post on the same, Derrick was enraged that Hellman’s has reduced the size of their mayo jars from 32 to 30 oz, while keeping the same price. He wrote them a letter and here’s how the sandwich Nazis responded:

Where’s The Mayo?

Where’s The Mayo?

“Some things always come in quarts: milk, motor oil, and mayonnaise, for example. You don’t have to look at the net weight statement, because a quart is 32 ounces, and that is what you always get,” writes the MousePrint blog.