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Buy Old Records At An Estate Sale For $0.50 Each, Get Marvin Gaye’s Lost Passport For Free

Everyone loves an unexpected windfall, and no one more so, perhaps, than a collector of Motown paraphernalia. After buying some records at the estate sale of a musician who’d recently passed away, a Motowon Museum employee found he’d scored a bonus item included inside one of them: Marvin Gaye’s 1964 passport. [More]

Christian Radio Goes Porn

Christian Radio Goes Porn

Listeners to Kingsburg, California based radio station KFYE were shocked a week ago when their favorite Christian radio station effortlessly switched between playing Carmen’s seminal Christian rap hit ‘Who’s In Da House? (Jay Cee!)’ to muculousy shlorking and the synchronized moans of vaginal pumping after the midnight changeover. KFYE FM 106.3 had just gone porn radio.