When you close your eyes and think of the place where you might want something very, very romantic to happen, does that place have a distinct smell of fried food and perhaps a crackly voice coming over a PA asking if you want to make your meal a combo? Someone out there, sure, but it wasn’t the ideal scenario for one woman whose boyfriend posted the evidence of his drive-thru failure of a marriage proposal.


How Much Does It Cost To Propose At Your Home Team’s Baseball Game?

How Much Does It Cost To Propose At Your Home Team’s Baseball Game?

Getting your face on the kiss cam? Amateur. Proposing to your loved one via a billboard message for everyone at the game to see? That’s how the pros do it, and it can cost a pretty penny. It’s Opening Day across our baseball-loving land and while spring weather might not be in the air everywhere, love can be — but at what price? [More]


‘The Price Is Right’ Contestant Wins The Showcase, Scores Bonus Engagement Ring

Getting married in an IKEA or a Walmart? So 2013. Instead, why not start your life with the man you love while a gameshow audience screams approval and Drew Carey observes from a distance like some sort of wise life guru? [More]


Nothing Says Internet Like A Choreographed Dance/Marriage Proposal At Home Depot

These days if you want to get engaged and have the burning desire to share your special moment with millions of people on the Internet, you’ve got to pull out all the stops. There must be a choregoraphed dance routine, if not a choreographed singing and dance routineAnd it needs to be in a public place where such things don’t usually go down. Like say… Home Depot? Home Depot works. [More]

Rejected Marriage Proposal At Baseball Game Just A Publicity Stunt

Surely you’ve asked yourself when seeing a flashy public marriage proposal, “what would happen if the person being asked said ‘no?'” The marketing peeps over at baseball’s minor-league New Britain Rock Cats wondered the same thing. So they staged a fake proposal during a fan trivia contest to find out how the crowd would react…and to get the video shared far and wide. [More]