Further Fallout From Segway Recalls

Remember the recall on every Segway ever built?

Laptoppa Non Gratta: Virgin Atlantic Restricts Dell and Apple Notebooks

Virgin Atlantic becomes the latest airline to limit laptop use on board, thanks to the threat of exploding batteries. Qantas and Korean Air already have imposed restrictions.

Watching Stupid People on TV Really Does Make You Stupid

Watching Stupid People on TV Really Does Make You Stupid

There’s a guy on my street who has the phrase “Kill Your Television” painted on his car. Someone please tell him that televisions are not living, breathing things, and that they can’t be killed. And that painting your car with that message is a bit over the top, and rather pretentious.

Drink Yourself Rich

Drink Yourself Rich

How to get ahead in business? Skip college. Skip the job fair. Head straight to the old man bar at the corner and start passing out the business cards.

J.K. Rowling’s Airport Voodoo That She’ll Do Do

J.K. Rowling’s Airport Voodoo That She’ll Do Do

Thanks to some schmoozing at the airport — or perhaps black magic spells cast on TSA agents — the next Harry Potter manuscript is safe.

Fashion Police: This Post is a Threat to Security

Fashion Police: This Post is a Threat to Security

By showing you this picture of a young man in a shirt with guns on it, we’re putting the lives of thousands of air travelers on the line.

“Grass-Fed Beef” No Longer Means “Grass-Fed”; Still Means “Beef”

“Grass-Fed Beef” No Longer Means “Grass-Fed”; Still Means “Beef”

Savvy and sensitive supermarket shoppers love informative labels that also make them feel good about their meat purchases. Phrases like “free-range” or “grass-fed.” Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, knowing the animal lived a naturalistic, humane life in the great outdoors before meeting its fate on the kill floor. Viva cognitive dissonance!

Waiters Lobby for 20% Mandatory Tips

Anyone who’s ever waited tables knows the agony of the crappy tip. But should diners be forced to pay mandatory 20% tips?

Harass Your Way to (Eventual) Refunds

If at first you don’t succeed, fax, fax again. And again.

Meet Guest Blogger Mark Ashley

Meet Guest Blogger Mark Ashley

When the red phone rings, you pick it up. And so it is when the Consumerist taps you for some guest posting.

Announcement: Ben’s “On Vacation” This Week

Announcement: Ben’s “On Vacation” This Week

I don’t think I’m alone when I say that we were all a bit sick of Mr. Fancy Pants Ben Popken running the show. Despite his smug, girlish demeanor and Woody-Allenesque voice, Ben proved quite capable of hogging the spotlight, jetting around in Gawker-billed limousines to his various 20/20 interviews about stories I broke. Meanwhile, I — John Brownlee (“Who?”) — was pushed back into the shadows of a site I’d been working on for months before he first burst through our door with a high-pitched and smart-alecky “Hey hey hey!”