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Former Radiological Technician Posed As A Doctor To Falsify 1,300 Mammograms

Nearly 1,300 women who thought mammograms had shown they were clear of cancer were likely shocked to find out that a former radiological technician had instead signed into the system as multpiple doctors and falsely signed off on all those reports. She’s just been convicted and sentenced to serve up to six months in a detention center, 10 years on probation — meaning she can’t work anywhere in health care — and will have to pay a $12,500 fine. [More]


Transgender Americans Face Complicated Medical Problems, Issues Accessing Care

When it comes to clinics for women’s health, who counts as a woman? For breast cancer screenings funded by the CDC, there’s a requirement that advocates for transgender Americans find discriminatory and problematic: patients must be “born as women,” excluding women who were identified as male at birth but who now need services like mammograms. Routine health care can become very complicated, and accessing public health services is too. [More]

Even Women With Insurance Put Off Mammograms

Even Women With Insurance Put Off Mammograms

A new study reports that even women with insurance are putting off getting mammograms, says CBS News. The study looked at health insurance claims from women and found that nearly 50% of those 40 and older had not had a yearly mammogram — and nearly 40% of those over 50 didn’t even have one every two years. [More]