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Samsung Apologizes For Descriptions Of Male, Female Bixby Voice Assistants

Samsung has officially launched its very own voice-controlled artificially intelligent assistant Bixby, the long-awaited answer to Siri and Alexa, and the service is already making a splash… just not one Samsung probably imagined.  [More]


U.S. Will Probably Lift Laptop Ban For Remaining Foreign Airports Soon

After a few airlines announced that they are no longer subject to a ban on laptops and other personal electronics put in place in March for flights traveling to the U.S. from certain airports, the Department of Homeland Security says it will likely lift the ban for the remaining carriers. [More]


Volvo Will Begin Transitioning To All Electric Vehicles In 2019

Starting in 2019, all new Volvo car lines will have either full electric or hybrid engines, with plans to introduce five such vehicles by 2021. [More]

Education Secretary DeVos To Give All Student Loan Accounts To One Company; Strip Away More Protections

Education Secretary DeVos To Give All Student Loan Accounts To One Company; Strip Away More Protections

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos has made another sweeping change to the student loan system that consumer advocates claim favors student loan collectors over the American people repaying those loans. [More]

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Uber Fares Will Soon Be Based On How Much Uber Thinks You’re Willing To Pay

If you’ve ever hailed an Uber ride and thought afterward that you paid a lot less than you should have, those days may soon be over. The company’s latest change to its pricing model will offer you a rate that isn’t based purely on time and distance, but on what Uber’s computers think you’ll be willing to pay. [More]

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McDonald’s Phasing Out Artificial Flavors From Ice Cream

Now that McDonald’s is finally rolling out ice cream machines that work, the fast food giant is also improving the ice cream itself by removing artificial flavors. [More]

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Facebook Tweaks News Feed In Effort To Reduce “Low-Quality” Links

Over the past year, Facebook has made several changes to its News Feed algorithm to ensure the posts you see are legit. Now, the social network is at it again, this time tweaking the News Feed to reduce the visibility of links to misleading, ad-covered pages. [More]

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United Airlines Ups Compensation For Bumped Passengers To $10K

Over the past several weeks, United Airlines has taken steps to put an April 9 incident in which a passenger was violently removed from a flight behind it: revising crew travel policies, discontinuing the use of law enforcement to remove passengerscompensating passengers on the controversial flight, and, of course, issuing several apologies. Now the airline is revamping how it compensates passengers being bumped from flights and answering lingering questions from lawmakers.  [More]

Tesla Drops Price For Some Model S, Model X; Increases Cost For Most Expensive Version

Tesla Drops Price For Some Model S, Model X; Increases Cost For Most Expensive Version

Unless you’re willing to wait a while for Tesla’s massively pre-ordered, cheaper Model 3 electric car, you’re looking at spending a pretty penny — or millions of them — to buy one of the company’s other vehicles. But Tesla is trying to make that bill a bit more affordable, by knocking off a few thousand dollars.  [More]


Education Secretary DeVos Withdraws Protections For Student Loan Borrowers

Relatively new federal guidelines intended to to make the student loan repayment process more accurate and transparent have all been rescinded today by Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos — a move that consumer advocates says removes accountability for debt collectors and loan servicers. [More]

Twitter Will No Longer Count Usernames Against Character Limit In Replies

Twitter Will No Longer Count Usernames Against Character Limit In Replies

Twitter’s long-standing 140-character limit for messages isn’t going anywhere, but the social media giant is once again revamping the way it counts the characters: Usernames will no longer count toward that limit, but only for reply messages. [More]


Here’s How Macy’s Is Trying To Lure Shoppers

Despite the closure of dozens of stores and an all-but-dead takeover deal, Macy’s isn’t quite ready to throw in the ol’ retail towel. Instead, the company is focusing on the future, implementing new services, revamping store features, and revising coupons in a bid to bring in shoppers.  [More]

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Say Goodbye To Virgin America: Company Name, Logo To Retire In 2019

Now that Alaska Airlines and Virgin America have officially gained approval for their $4 billion marriage, the couple is working out of all the little details of married life, including which airline will be taking the other’s name. To that end: The Virgin America name and logo will disappear, but not right away. [More]

Caribou Coffee Cutting Artificial Ingredients From Beverages

Caribou Coffee Cutting Artificial Ingredients From Beverages

Weeks after Dunkin’ Donuts said it would ditch artificial colors over the next two years, fellow coffee shop chain Caribou Coffee has already established a so-called “clean label standard” for its beverages, eliminating artificial colors, flavors, and sweeteners.  [More]

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Credit Reports Soon Won’t Include Some Tax Lien, Civil Judgment Data

Millions of consumers could soon see their FICO credit scores increase as the three credit reporting agencies — Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion — take another step to overhaul their systems by excluding certain negative information related to tax liens and civil judgments from credit reports. [More]


Dunkin’ Donuts, Baskin Robbins To Eliminate Artificial Colors From Products By 2018

Dunkin’ Donuts and Baskin Robbins on Thursday became the latest chains to join the growing list of restaurants and food producers promising to remove artificial flavors and dyes from its menus.  [More]

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AT&T Updates Unlimited Plans In Wake Of Verizon, T-Mobile Changes

The unlimited data plan wars are heating up. Days after Verizon’s surprise announcement that it was bringing back unlimited data options and T-Mobile’s decision to boost its own plans, AT&T has launched a new — you guessed it! — unlimited data plan.  [More]

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L.L. Bean Reportedly Thinking Of Ditching Free Returns

As retailers increasingly shifted toward more restrictive return policies, L.L. Bean’s generous approach to accepting returns has stood out. However, that could soon change as the Bean looks to shave costs. [More]