maker’s mark

Translation: "Simmer down now, folks."

Maker’s Mark: Haha, Just Kidding — We Won’t Water Down Bourbon

While you were sweetly slumbering through the three-day weekend (or grumbling at your desk yesterday) you might’ve missed the news that several of your bourbon-loving brethren are sure to have noticed. Namely, that Maker’s Mark admitted it’d made a mistake and won’t be watering down its product, after all. Go ahead, even belated sighs of relief are allowed. [More]


Maker’s Mark Dropping Potency Of Its Bourbon By 3% Due To Demanding Customers

Perhaps it’s that guy who always shows up with a bottle of Maker’s Mark instead of a six-pack, or maybe you’ve got a stockpile of the stuff in your basement where the wife can’t see, but because so many people want bourbon, it’s getting harder to supply the liquid to drinkers of the stuff. To remedy the problem of lacking supplies to meet high demand, the makers of Maker’s Mark (say that three times fast) are reducing its alcohol by volume three percentage points. [More]