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Twitter To Live-Stream Some MLB, NHL Games

Want to take your favorite Major League Baseball or National Hockey League team with you wherever you go? Twitter is hoping to make that a reality by live-streaming select games soon.  [More]


Yankees Reach Deal To Allow Ticket Resales With StubHub

If you were planning to resell tickets to a New York Yankees game in the future you’ll need to visit StubHub instead of Ticketmaster, as the Major League Baseball team reached a deal this weekend to transfer its resale business, Yankees Ticket Exchange, to StubHub. [More]

Miami Marlins Respond To Flagging Attendance By Suing Season Ticket Holders


The idea of pro sports team suing its biggest fans may seem counter-intuitive, but try telling that to the Miami Marlins. Since 2013, the team — which ranks 27th out of 30 Major League Baseball teams in attendance — has reportedly sued at least nine fans with season tickets or luxury suite contracts, while also fighting legal battles against bankrupt stadium vendors.

Fired St. Louis Cardinals Exec To Plead Guilty To Hacking Houston Astros Front Office

Fired St. Louis Cardinals Exec To Plead Guilty To Hacking Houston Astros Front Office

Sports-related chicanery often ends in suspensions and the occasional expulsion, but rarely does it rise to the level of actual crime. Then again, it’s not every day that one team illegally breaches the private network of another. [More]

There’s A New Streaming Option In Town For MLB Games… But You Still Need Cable To Use It

There’s A New Streaming Option In Town For MLB Games… But You Still Need Cable To Use It

Keeping current with your hometown baseball team can be, well, a giant pain in the butt. Even if you live in the local market, the easy, ubiquitous over-the-air local broadcasts of games have been fading away over the years in favor of cable. In the streaming-enabled, mobile-friendly, broadband-based world of the 21st century it feels like watching your local sluggers should be easy… but somehow, there’s always still a catch. [More]

In July, this Connecticut woman was hospitalized and received 30 stitches after being hit in the forehead by a foul ball at Boston's Fenway Park.

Lawsuit Over Safety Nets At Major League Baseball Parks Details Dozens Of Fan Injuries Since July

A little more than three months ago, a class-action lawsuit filed against Major League Baseball called for the installation of safety nets that would extend all the way to both of the foul poles. The lead plaintiff in that complaint had not actually been struck by any errant balls or bats, but a newly amended complaint includes details on numerous recent fan injuries and near-misses, including 90 that have occurred since this lawsuit was first filed. [More]


Yankees, Rockies Fans Can Now Be Fingerprinted For Faster Entry Into Stadium

Last year, the San Francisco Giants became the first Major League Baseball team to integrate a TSA-like express security lane for pre-checked visitors (who also paid $179 for the privilege). Starting this week, Yankee Stadium will also get this sort of access, though it won’t cost anything for people who just want speedy access to a baseball game. [More]


The Baltimore Orioles Will Play The Chicago White Sox In An Empty Stadium Tomorrow

After twice postponing Monday night’s game citing security reasons, the Baltimore Orioles and Chicago White Sox have agreed to meet for the first of their planned three-game series Wednesday afternoon, playing for an empty stadium at Camden Yards. [More]


The Average Ticket Price Of A Baseball Game Sees Steepest Increase In Six Years

Taking yourself out to the ball game is getting pricer this season, with the average ticket price to attend a Major League Baseball game rising by 3.3% to $28.94, the sharpest increase the league has seen in six years. [More]

How Baseball Became America’s Favorite Monopoly


In theory, spring has finally sprung. But forget crocuses and breathably warm air; the real sign of seasonal change is baseball, America’s favorite monopoly. Major League Baseball has the dubious distinction not only of being entirely exempt from antitrust law, but also being the only major league sport with such a privilege. With the start of the 2015 season still some days away, we have time to take a look at the history, and the possible future, of this quirk. [More]


MLB’s Official Bat And Official Glove Now From Same Company With Sale Of Louisville Slugger

Things are getting a bit more close-knit in the baseball equipment world, as the makers of Louisville Slugger bats have sold the business to Wilson Sporting Goods. That means that both Major League Baseball’s official bat as well as its official glove will be made by the same company. [More]

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Guy Shown Sleeping On ESPN Broadcast During Yankees-Red Sox Game Sues For Defamation

While yes, sporting events are the most important, serious endeavor and should be approached only with the utmost in respect and deepest reverence, sometimes things happen. Sometimes you need a nap, even during a game between the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox. But one fan says the Yankees, ESPN, its announcers and a Major League Baseball organization defamed him by broadcasting his snooze on-air, allegedly calling him “fatty, unintelligent” and “stupid.” [More]

Which MLB Teams Are A Steal To See And Which Should Be Called Out For High Prices?

Which MLB Teams Are A Steal To See And Which Should Be Called Out For High Prices?

Spring is in the air and baseball has begun. We all know a trip to the baseball stadium can cost big bucks, especially if you want to surprise your sweetheart with a proposal. So, before heading out to cheer on the home team, you might want to take a look at what you can expect to pay for the experience. Want a hint? It’s more than last year. [More]

How Much Does It Cost To Propose At Your Home Team’s Baseball Game?

How Much Does It Cost To Propose At Your Home Team’s Baseball Game?

Getting your face on the kiss cam? Amateur. Proposing to your loved one via a billboard message for everyone at the game to see? That’s how the pros do it, and it can cost a pretty penny. It’s Opening Day across our baseball-loving land and while spring weather might not be in the air everywhere, love can be — but at what price? [More]


Want Cheap Baseball Tickets? Buying Early Could Make All The Difference This Season

We’re still weeks away from the first pitch on Opening Day, but for baseball fans it’s probably a good idea to start thinking now  about buying tickets to see your favorite team. We’re sure there’s an early bird catching the worm baseball analogy somewhere here, right?  [More]

SF Giants, MLB Sued Over "San Francisco" Logo

SF Giants, MLB Sued Over "San Francisco" Logo

If you’ve ever visited San Francisco, you’ve likely seen — and perhaps purchased — a coat or sweatshirt emblazoned with the city name in a distinctive script font, much like the “San Francisco” on jackets and other gear worn by the San Francisco Giants baseball team. Well, now the team, along with Major League Baseball, finds itself in a legal battle with the apparel company that says it owns the trademark. [More]

Dodgers Escalate Struggle With Major League Baseball With Bankruptcy Filing

Dodgers Escalate Struggle With Major League Baseball With Bankruptcy Filing

Major League Baseball seized control of the Dodgers in April and blocked a proposed TV contract with Fox, and now the team has filed for bankruptcy in what seems to be the owner’s last-ditch effort to keep the franchise from slipping away. [More]

MLB Seizes Control Of L.A. Dodgers

MLB Seizes Control Of L.A. Dodgers

With the Mets allegedly involved in Bernie Madoff’s Ponzi scheme and near league-wide attendance problems, the last thing Major League Baseball needed was yet another headache. But that’s exactly what it got when the Dodgers front office imploded, forcing the league to step in and take control of the team for the time being. [More]