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Apple’s ‘TV’ (Not Just Apple TV) Wants To Be Your One-Stop Streaming Shop

Today at a major press event, Apple announced TV. Not Apple TV, which already exists; nor iTV, which would be in line with their decade-old scheme but is a trademark held by someone else for something else entirely. No, neither of those, which would be less confusing. Just… TV. [More]

Federal Judge Rules Against Scrappy Mac Clone Manufacturer Psystar

Federal Judge Rules Against Scrappy Mac Clone Manufacturer Psystar

Sorry, Mac OS lovers who don’t love the price tags on Apple hardware. Apple has emerged victorious in their copyright lawsuit against Mac clone manufacturer Psystar. U.S. District Court Judge William Alsup ruled that Psystar is violating Apple’s copyright as well as the Digital Millennium Copyright Act by selling computers with a modified version of OS X pre-installed.

MSN Calls The Hackintosh "Amazing"

MSN Calls The Hackintosh "Amazing"

MSN has a neat article about the 38 “amazing things” that you didn’t know the technology you own could do. The well-meaning writers posted about a neat tech trick, without realizing how it could be misinterpreted.