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A photograph from the lawsuit of the skirt in question.

Woman Claims Lucille Roberts Gym Accused Her Of “Trespassing” For Working Out In A Skirt

Should you be able to wear whatever you want when you exercise? A New York City woman says that employees of the Lucille Roberts gym chain were so upset about her insistence on wearing a skirt while working out that they harassed her and even threatened to call the cops on her. [More]

Joining Lucille Roberts Gym Is Like Joining The Mafia

Joining Lucille Roberts Gym Is Like Joining The Mafia

My work out experience was fine, as I didn’t mind the bad smell, chipping paint, or inattentive staff. The problem came when I tried to cancel my membership. I moved to London in April 2007 (less than 2 months after joining), but they refused to cancel my membership and continued to charge my credit card each month. Under my two year contract is a section entitling me to a no fee cancellation if I move outside of the Lucille Roberts catchments area. They demanded proof of my move, which I supplied. Apparently, 3,000 miles away isn’t far enough to be considered outside the catchment area!