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Fort Lauderdale Asks Pedestrians To Wave Bright Orange Flags When Crossing Busy Intersection

Fort Lauderdale is putting out buckets of neon orange flags at one of its busiest intersections, asking people trying to walk across those streets to wave them and warn drivers away to improve traffic safety. Because there’s nothing like feeling as if you’re signaling the start of a race/surrendering every time you need to cross the street. [More]


Company Wants To Beam TV Ads To Mobile Devices So You’ll Be Forced To Pay Attention

Hey, you. Yeah, you, the one with the audacity to be playing Sugar Smashers or looking at the weather on your phone/tablet while the commercials are on. You need to be paying attention, and so ads on TV should be beamed directly to your phone and/or tablet to make sure you are. Well, that’s according to one company’s nightmarish vision of our TV-watching future, at least. [More]