Google Tests Using All-Black Text For Search Result Links

We’re all very familiar with Google search results. Linked sites are shown in blue text (unless you’ve already clicked that link), and the text related to that link is in black. Now the tech giant is testing a move that has users confused: making all search results text black.

Law Firm 'Jones Day' Usurps Monster Cable For Stupidest Trademark Lawsuit Ever

Law Firm 'Jones Day' Usurps Monster Cable For Stupidest Trademark Lawsuit Ever

Monster Cable loves to sue companies that use “Monster” in their names, even if they don’t sell cables and even if they’ve been around as long as Monster Cable has. Jones Day is a law firm that doesn’t want anyone else to use standard, everyday formatting for links in news stories about its staff, and it succeeded in forcing a small start-up to cave in to its demands.

Things we Dugg But Were Afraid to Speak Of

• Q Magazine invented a fake band and promoted them on Myspace and “Hope Against Hope” ended up getting all sorts of crazy invites for gigs. This was to prove a point, mainly that people have no taste and flock together. It’s called culture. Good night.

Pith and Vinegar

This lady just doesn’t get it, people don’t buy M&M’s on the subway for the peanuts OR the plain, it’s for the pity. Mmm…pity, it fills the hole inside.

Peek in Over 1000 Shopping Baskets

Peek in Over 1000 Shopping Baskets

This guy wants to eat your grocery lists.

More Consumerist News from Around the Gawkesphere

Here are a few Consumeristy links from around the Gawker ranch. May you enjoy them with much enjoyment.