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Mike Seyfang

Amazon May Go After “Porch Pirates” By Delivering To Car Trunks, Inside Homes

Have you ever come home, expecting to see an Amazon delivery waiting by your door only to find that it had been pilfered by “porch pirates” who will swipe any box with that trademark grin printed on it? But what if that same package could be delivered inside your home? [More]

Apple Admits That Face ID May Be Fooled By Evil Twins & Little Kids

Apple Admits That Face ID May Be Fooled By Evil Twins & Little Kids

When Apple introduced the iPhone X’s new “Face ID” feature — which scans a user’s face to unlock the phone — the company said it had considered the “Evil Twin” scenario. And now, it’s admitting that if you have a twin — or an alternate reality doppelgänger– he or she could totally break into your phone. [More]

Amazon Completely Cuts Me Off For An Abuse Of Policy Of Unknown Origins

Jack is in college, which is a pretty expensive place. So he likes that he can use Amazon to buy textbooks for cheaper than at the campus book store, and uses the site to buy the electronics he uses in daily life as well as books for reading on his Kindle. Shall we imagine his exasperation when Amazon cut him off from his account for a mysterious “abuse of policy”?