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Time Warner CEO Helps Customer on Street Scare Time Warner Employee

From the NY Post (purportedly; We couldn’t find a link, but we’re dumb.)

January 4, 2006 — TIME Warner CEO Dick Parsons stuck up for one of his customers during a stroll down Seventh Avenue on Monday morning. Hedge fund manager Jeff Green was on his cellphone arguing with a Time Warner Cable customer service rep when he recognized Parsons on the street and walked over to him. Parsons patiently listened as Green recounted how he’d gotten up early to pick up a new cable box in person – thus bypassing a $30 installation fee – only to find out the office was closed when he’d been told it would be open. The service rep, who wasn’t being especially cooperative, suddenly changed his tune and agreed to waive the installation fee when Green informed him Parsons was standing next to him and was sympathetic to his plight.

Clearly the answer to our customer service problem is to create more CEOs. As many as one per customer. (Thanks, David!)