December Recall Roundup: Nobody Likes A Melted Battery Charger

December Recall Roundup: Nobody Likes A Melted Battery Charger

The Recall Roundup for December is not very merry, especially if you’re in the market for electronic devices. Here’s a collection of appliances and devices that could cause overheating and discomfort or actual property damage. [More]


Inside The Leatherman Factory: Where Multi-Tool Dreams Are Made

If you’ve got a whatsit that needs tweaking, a screw that could use a good tightening, a doodad in a severe state of jiggifying, perhaps you turn to the Leatherman multi-tool with all its myriad dongles. But these tools don’t come springing fully formed from the toolbox like the answer to your fix-it prayers. There’s a complicated process involved in the making of the gadget and of course, someone is all over that story. [More]

Prune carefully.

Leatherman’s 25-Year Warranty: Still Pretty Great, But Not If You Loved A Discontinued Tool

Last week, we published an “above and beyond” story with a reader’s delight that Leatherman replaced a non-functioning tool with a brand-new replacement under their 25-year warranty. Another reader, Steve, wrote in to let us know that the warranty is not as ironclad and fantabulous as tipster Chad’s experience. He sent in a gardening tool that broke while gardening, and learned something interesting about the warranty. Yes, they’ll replace a broken tool with one of the same value, but they mean “value” in a strictly financial sense: not a tool that does the same thing as the one that you broke. [More]

Super tool.

Leatherman Can’t Repair Tool Under 25-Year Warranty, Replaces It Instead

Chad has carried around a Leatherman Super Tool since 1996. It has proven useful many, many times since, but for the last year he carried it, it just wasn’t working correctly. He asked for and received a new one for Christmas from his wife. Hurray! After bonding with his new tool, he learned about the company’s 25-year warranty. 25 years? Why, his old one was only 16 years old when it went out of commission. He sent it along to see if it could be repaired. He was sad to learn that it couldn’t. [More]