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After 25 Years, Chicago Landlords Continue Rampant Illegal Discrimination Against Section 8 Vouchers

Under Chicago law, landlords are prohibited from discriminating against families who pay all or part of their rent using Housing Choice Vouchers – most commonly referred to as “Section 8.” But a new report shows that thousands of listings for rental properties in the city blatantly disregard the 25-year-old law, showing bias against low-income, minority residents.  [More]

‘Gloria Trembicky is a Bad Landlord’

‘Gloria Trembicky is a Bad Landlord’

This is a little New Yorkish, but we’re in the process of searching for a new apartment in Brooklyn and to stumble along a well-written story about a frightening hag of a landlady fills up our spine with cold water like it were an old radiator. ‘Gloria Trembicky is a Bad Landlord’ is the chronicle of one couple’s awful experience with a Park Slope apartment with little heat, occasional droughts of both hot and cold water, and a husband/fixit-monkey who was too cheap or stupid to realize that reusing bent screws might be a problem.