Håkan Dahlström

IKEA Recalls Floor, Table Lamps Because They Should Light Up A Room, Not You

Last month, IKEA recalled several ceiling lamps because their shades could unexpectedly fall, shattering over consumers’ heads. Today, the Swedish furniture company announced another lighting recall, this time for lamp bases that can shock users.  [More]

E.E.C.B. Forces Best Buy To Finally Replace Defective TV

E.E.C.B. Forces Best Buy To Finally Replace Defective TV

It took an Executive Email Carpet Bomb to convince Best Buy to replace Bryan’s Panasonic LiFi LCD Projection TV after it ate through four lamps. Bryan had purchased Best Buy’s extended warranty, which contains a no lemon clause that promises a replacement after three failed repairs. Best Buy conveniently insisted that replacing the broken lamp did not count as a “qualified repair.” Bryan first escalated his complaint through normal channels; when he had no other choice, he launched the mighty EECB.