Lactaid Blames Avian Flu For Lack Of Eggs In This Year’s Holiday Nog

Reader Margaret has a holiday dilemma. She was ready to start guzzling her favorite Lactaid-brand lactose-free egg nog, and was delighted to find a carton. Then she opened it. She was horrified to discover that her beloved nog had changed. This year’s version is an egg-free “holiday nog,” which some fans like but Margaret can’t get into. “It tastes like sadness and chemicals,” she wrote to Consumerist. She did not clarify what sadness tastes like. [More]


Lactaid Egg Nog, Where Are You?

This is what Nicole’s fiancé wants: egg nog. He’s lactose intolerant, and he knows that Lactaid brand egg nog exists. Somewhere. It’s on the market, but Nicole and the future Mr. Nicole haven’t been able to find it anywhere in their area. Yes, he could take a dose of lactase enzyme and drink regular nog, but wouldn’t the lactose-free version be better if it does exist? Nicole wrote to the company to see whether they could help her find it, and they were… surprisingly unhelpful. [More]