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LaCie Admits Customer Data Was Breached For A Year

You may be familiar with LaCie, a French company that makes computer hard drives. They’re now owned by Seagate, and maintain their own online storefront, which was one of many hit by hackers in a recent credit card data breach. This time, the baddies exploited vulnerabilities in the Web application platform ColdFusion. This breach has been ongoing for almost an entire year. [More]

Nice-Guy Consumer Tries To Fix LaCie For Them, Gets Burned

Nice-Guy Consumer Tries To Fix LaCie For Them, Gets Burned

There’s such a thing as being too good a consumer. Troubleshooting problems for which the company should be responsible, thoughtfully trying to save the company the expense of a return and repair when it’s their duty to replace your broken item under warranty. It sure is nice of you to go through all that trouble, Charlie, but companies aren’t going to give you the same thoughtful consideration you gave them. Any undue consideration on behalf of that faceless billion dollar corporate empire is likely to get you screwed; better just to return the broken bugger.

Hard Drives Should Come in Two Packs

Thomas Hawk got burnt by a LaCie Big Disk external hard drive—let his experience be a lesson to you. While LaCie’s products may be a middling quality, hard disks, as built with modern manufacturing techniques, should be presumed to be disposable. There was a time not that long ago that a hard disk would last many years, but those days are almost certainly over. We’re not sure exactly what has changed, but there’s a reason that hard disk manufacturers don’t offer five year warranties anymore.