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Old on the left, new and pantsless on the right.

The New Self-Aware Kool-Aid Man Apparently Has More To Say Than Just “Oh Yeah”

After decades bursting through the wall with nothing more to offer than a simple catchphrase of “Oh yeah!” the Kool-Aid is finally gaining a bit of dignity in the form of an actual personality. He’s also going from being played by a person in a foam costume to a computer-generated character, one that is apparently aware of his celebrity status and is attempting to relate to us common folk. [More]

1950's Kool-Aid Commercial Drinks Itself

1950's Kool-Aid Commercial Drinks Itself

Here’s a retro Kool-Aid commercial from a simpler time. Back when the Kool-Aid man was just a jug with a condensation face that talked. No busting through walls. he just chilled there like a good friendly value sitting on a table. Children and adults just whistled at one another to signify that it was Kool-Aid time. And mothers spoke very precisely and articulately. Ahhh. [More]

Clean Your Dishwasher With Lemonade Kool-Aid

Clean Your Dishwasher With Lemonade Kool-Aid

You can spend a lot on fancy cleaners to get the scum out of your dishwasher, or you can just pop in two 10-cent bags of lemonade Kool-Aid in the soap dispenser. [More]

Don't Worry, This Kool Aid Doesn't Expire Until 01 Feb 11 02 11:48 CH

Don't Worry, This Kool Aid Doesn't Expire Until 01 Feb 11 02 11:48 CH

Chad, who sent this in, says he tried to decipher this Kool Aid‘s expiration date using the cheat sheet we posted last December, but nothing on this container matches the code format on the sheet. It can’t be that hard to print an unambiguous human readable expiration date on a product. Who else needs to read the date, other than a human? Why should the average consumer have to worry about deciphering a date? We thought we’d all pretty much agreed on some basic rules for how to keep track of the days.

They Ruined Kool-Aid Man

They Ruined Kool-Aid Man

Look at what they did to Kool-Aid man. He started out as a giant jug of sugar water, busting through walls and letting you drink out of him, a seemingly never-ending supply of flavorful fun. Flash forward to today and his liquid stomach is stapled. How the hell are we supposed to have an all-afternoon sugar high off that teacup? And look what they did to his clothes. Instead of fruity nudity, fig leaves. And look how they foreshortened him to emphasize the fruit and berries in his hands. So now he’s tiny and modest and healthy. Yay, how awesome. How far we have fallen from Eden. After the jump, a cartoon rendering of Dane Cook’s Kool-Aid standup bit, which captures the essence of the original Kool-Aid man commercials in its own special way.