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IHOP, Applebee’s Remove Sugary Drinks From Children’s Menu

Two national full-service restaurants are joining the slew of fast food establishments like McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Burger King and Dairy Queen in dumping sugary drinks from the kid’s menu: Applebee’s and IHOP are the latest eateries to embrace the soda-less trend.  [More]

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Dairy Queen To Remove Soda From Kids’ Menu By Sept. 1

Taking the lead from other fast food restaurants like McDonalds, Wendy’s and Burger King, Dairy Queen has reportedly decided to nix sugary drinks from the kids’ menu. [More]

Restaurant Won't Let Pregnant Woman Eat From Kid's Menu

Restaurant Won't Let Pregnant Woman Eat From Kid's Menu

Pregnancy has a way of limiting your meal options, and you’d expect restaurants to be aware of dietary restrictions and food sensitivity among expecting clientele and make accommodations. But Andrew’s pregnant wife ran up against a strict local restaurant that wouldn’t bend its policy that items on the kid’s menu were only for those age 10 and under. This despite the fact that all she wanted was a grilled cheese, and the only place on the menu she could find the item was in the kid’s section. [More]