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(Rusty Clark)

Philadelphia’s Swiss Cheese Defiler Pleads Guilty In Cheese-Defiling Harassment Case, Gets Probation

The words are almost too painful to write — I can’t help but think of that poor cheese — but Philadelphia’s so called “Swiss Cheese Pervert” has pleaded guilty to publicly defiling Swiss cheese. Or rather, he pleaded guilty to two counts of indecent exposure and four counts of harassment. [More]


Turkey Plant Ordered To Pay Mentally Disabled Workers $240M After Years Of Awful Conditions

An Iowa jury recently handed down what could be the largest verdict in the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s history, including a judge’s order that a turkey plant must pay 32 mentally disabled men $240 million. The jury found that Henry’s Turkey Service had violated the Americans with Disabilities Act in paying the workers $0.41 an hour while reportedly making them live in awful conditions and subjecting them to physical abuse and neglect. [More]