Suing Lancôme Because Makeup Lacks Magic Powers Takes Serious Chutzpah

All one observant Jewish mom wanted was to look pretty for the day of her son’s bar mitzvah, during the sabbath when she isn’t allowed to apply or touch up her makeup between sundown Friday and sundown Saturday. She bought a bottle of Lancôme makeup online that boasted 24-hour coverage…but also expected the promises the product’s ad made to be literally true. We posted this story when it broke earlier this week, but got hold of some new information that makes the whole situation even more stupid. [More]

Inflation Watch: Religion Getting More Expensive

For Jewish Consumerists, the high holy days are nigh, and the expense may be greater than ever.

Bad Jewish Business Idea Lights Candles of Controversy

Recently named, “Best of the Worst Internet Business Ideas” by the Wall Street Journal, Cyberrebate was no mensch during the 90’s web boom.

Tel Aviv McDonald’s Goes Kosher

Tel Aviv McDonald’s Goes Kosher

Ronald McDonald is gluing on a yarmulke with beef tallow stringing french-fry flavored tahfilen out his pockets.