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NYC Pays Out $33,000 In Settlement After Police Mistake Jolly Ranchers For Meth

In a country enamored with a show about two guys making bright blue methamphetamine, it’s no wonder New York City policemen might’ve had drugs on the brain. But after cops mistook a few Jolly Rancher hard candies for meth and arrested three men in connection with the “controlled substance,” the NYPD has agreed to pay $33,000 to settle a lawsuit brought by one of the men who was in custody for 24 hours. [More]


Lawsuit Claims Cops Couldn’t Tell The Difference Between Jolly Ranchers & Meth

The popularity of Breaking Bad has apparently invaded the public consciousnes to such a degree that it’s got police seeing drugs when there’s only candy to be found: A New York man has filed a lawsuit claiming cops detained him and a friend for 24 hours because they thought the Jolly Ranchers they had were methamphetamine. Oops. [More]

How jolly.

Perhaps You Need A Jolly Rancher-Scented Jar Candle

There’s something very distinctive about the artificial watermelon flavor of Jolly Ranchers. It’s distinctive, and somehow defines fake watermelon without tasting very much like a real-life watermelon at all. Also, my teeth hurt just thinking about it.

Now you can fill your home with that aroma, if that’s something that it had ever occurred to you to do. It’s all thanks to the Jolly Rancher scented jar candle. Which it probably had never occurred to you even existed, or had a reason to. [More]

Mom Says Jolly Ranchers “Crunch ‘N Chew” Candy Got Its Texture From A Rusty Razor Blade

Mom Says Jolly Ranchers “Crunch ‘N Chew” Candy Got Its Texture From A Rusty Razor Blade

Candy surprises are only good when they involve candy showing up when you least expect it, not when your bag of sweets surprises you with say, an old, rusty razor blade that could cut you while you’re reaching for a treat. A California woman claims she found a grody old razor blade hanging out in her bag of Jolly Ranchers “Crunch ‘N Chew,” mixed right in with the candy. [More]