john antioco

Blockbuster Sends Customer Bootlegged Copy Of Tenchi in Tokyo Three Times

Poor Tinky. All he wanted was for Blockbuster to send him volume two of the Japanese anime Fushingi Yuugi. He ordered the DVD three times, but Blockbuster will only send a Chinese bootleg of Tenchi in Tokyo.

Each time, it’s been marked in the queue as the wrong disc and sent back. The second time, I sent an email and received a generic response. Today, the third time we’ve received the same wrong disc, I placed notes on the disc’s sleeve and the disc itself, hoping that will get someone’s attention [not likely!].

If regular customer service won’t help fight Chinese bootleggers, Tinky should summon executive customer service in his quest to liberate Fushingi Yuugi. Contact information for Blockbuster Chairman of the Board and CEO John Antioco, after the jump…