You are not getting this, greenville.

The Truth Behind “Jetpack” Billboards Is Even More Disappointing Than We’d Expected

Last week, we told you about the billboards popping up around Greenville, SC, to promote something called “Greenville Jetpack Rentals,” promising area residents that they could soon be zipping around town in the way all those futurists had predicted we would back in 1958. But as we predicted, this was just cruel viral marketing, and for something nowhere near as cool as jetpacks. [More]

The site for the mysterious Greenville Jetpack Rentals even goes so far as to list rates and fees.

Is Greenville, SC, Actually Getting Jetpacks Or Is This Just Cruel Viral Marketing?

Earlier this week, billboards started popping up around Greenville, SC, advertising a new mode of transportation — or at least a form of transport that has been promised to us since the 1950s. [More]

You Can Finally Get Your Own Jetpacks

You Can Finally Get Your Own Jetpacks

The future is finally here, but it’s not coming cheap. New Zealand-based Martin Aircraft is selling the means to turn yourself into the Rocketeer, but it will cost you $100,000 to partake. If you only want 15 minutes of terrifying flight action, that will run you $215. [More]