Maker Of Sharpie To Buy Maker Of Crock-Pot For $13B, Creating A Consumer Product Smorgasbord

All of those storage containers, Sharpies, coolers, and crockpots you have dotting the insides of cupboards now have a lot more in common than one might think: Newell Rubbermaid, the company behind Sharpie and Rubbermaid storage products Jarden, the company behind the Coleman and Crock-Pot brands, for $13.2 billion. [More]

Make Your Crock-Pots Hook Up With Each Other

Make Your Crock-Pots Hook Up With Each Other

We don’t want to accuse the nice folks at Crock-Pot of not consulting, say, Urban Dictionary or a person under forty before introducing their new product line. The “Hook Up™ Customizable Entertaining System” is intended for home dinner parties, after all. Maybe they did this with full knowledge that their product name is a synonym for “meaningless sex.” [More]

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Jarden Can’t Provide A Replacement Crock-Pot Lid, Can Send You A New Appliance Instead

The Crock-pot is a pretty basic kitchen appliance that you may take for granted. Remï’s dad bought her one years ago, and it outlasted most of her other possessions through a series of moves. It was more reliable than the rest of her kitchen stuff, and a reliable source of hot food when the gas company wouldn’t turn her service on. Recently, she knocked her trusty slow-cooking friend off the counter, shattering the lid. Nooo! She contacted the company that made it, wondering whether a replacement lid existed. Her model was too old, but they could send her an entirely new Crock-pot for free. Well… okay. [More]