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Today In Weird Clothing Trends: Wearing Jeans Infused With Jade To Beat The Heat

Because no one likes having heavy fabric clinging to sweaty, suffocating legs when it’s hot outside, many people turn to a clothing innovation known as “shorts” to give those limbs some breathing room when the weather is hot. But over in China, Lee jeans has decided to push another option — denim infused with crushed jade stones, a method that theoretically keeps wearers cooler. [More]

4 Plants For Lazy People

4 Plants For Lazy People

It’s nice to have plants around the house to recycle the air and brighten up the room. But what if you’re a lazypants and know you’re likely to forget to take care of them? Don’t worry, there are still plants for you. [More]

EECB Results In $6000 Credit From Maytag For Defective Jade Refrigerator

EECB Results In $6000 Credit From Maytag For Defective Jade Refrigerator

If you plunk down six grand for a refrigerator like the Jade Model #RJRS4870D, you expect it work. And if it doesn’t, you expect the three-year warranty on it to cover things like the refrigerator leaking all over the floor, extra ice building up, and exuding the smell of burning rubber. Ron and his parents certainly thought so, but Maytag wanted them to pay for the installation of a new part to fix the problem, even though Maytag admitted it was a known issue with this refrigerator. Read his blog post about how he was able to use an executive email carpet bomb to persuade Maytag to doing the right thing. The end result was more than Ron asked or even hoped for: $6,000 credit towards any fridge they carry from either JennAir or Whirpool, installation included. My favorite line is when he tells them, “If the Whirlpool conglomerate cannot handle all of its customers in a timely matter maybe they should stop acquiring other brands and focus on the ones that they already have.”