AOL Gets Punk’d by Ashton Kutcher

AOL Gets Punk’d by Ashton Kutcher

s denizens. The results will be documented and used to create original programming, AOL Keyword “I pay for this service, so thanks for messing with me and my time, Time Warner douchebags.” ISP Kicks Off Customer, Then Tries to Have Her Shut Down at New ISP

This one is a little hard to follow, but we think we’ve got it straight. Roughly, here is the sequence of events:

ISP Wins $11bn Lawsuit Against Spammer

ISP Wins $11bn Lawsuit Against Spammer gets a lot of email. A small percentage of it is made up of much coveted submissions from you, our beloved readers. We adore these. They allow us to get paid without the drudgery of actually having to find exciting new Consumerist “scoops” ourselves. So thanks for that, guys. Unfortunately, the much larger percentage of our email comes from Eastern European girls we have never met making presumptuous statements about our potency or – worse yet – phallic circumference. Spammers or friends of ex-girlfriends, in other words. But usually spammers.

Consumers Speak: Earthlink Puts the DSL in DSL

This bad experience from “JJ” is eerily similar to an experience we had with Earthlink while in New Orleans. But it’s not us, we swear. In our case, we weren’t supposed to be signed up with Earthlink at all, ever. JJ writes:

Had quite a party with Earthlink last night. The skinny:

Why The Consumerist Won’t Use Westhost Again

Why The Consumerist Won’t Use Westhost Again

We apologize for the slower updates today, although we would also like to acknowledge that this is the first Friday The Consumerist has even been open for business, so maybe we should just pretend this is going to be standard operating procedure. We’ve been on the phone for about two hours trying to gain access to two domains that were registered about five years ago with Westhost. As you may have gathered from this post, it did not go very well.

Consumers Speak: SBC Global DSL Supports Macs ‘Probably Never’

s kind of sad for a company that should put being technologically current above all else, if you ask me.