Sony's "Kevin Butler" Retweets PS3 Jailbreak Code

Sony's "Kevin Butler" Retweets PS3 Jailbreak Code

“Kevin Butler” is the fictional Sony VP who is the face of its recent PlayStation ads, so of course he has a Twitter account. It looks like whoever is running the account hasn’t been reading the news much. When a Twitter user tweeted at him the code used to jailbreak PS3’s, the entity misinterpreted the series of letters and numbers and made a Battleship joke, retweeting the code in the process, reports Engadget. This is ironic because Sony has been cracking down with legal threats and attacks on anyone they can find disseminating the jailbreak information. I wonder if Kevin Butler will be getting one of these C&D’s…


H&R Block Needs Help With Its Taxes

H&R Block had to restate its results after under reporting its liabilities by $32 million in its very own state taxes.