The couple says they are being charged 12,000% interest for a clerical error.

Couple Says Clerical Screw-Up Resulted In $27,331 Fine From Tollway

An Illinois couple say that a confluence of clerical cock-ups not only resulted in one of their vehicles racking up several hundred dollars in skipped highway tolls, but having those missed tolls spiral out into more than $27,000 in fines, penalties and late fees. [More]

The Case Of The Phantom I-Pass Transponder

The Case Of The Phantom I-Pass Transponder

Reader and commenter ChicagoOutfit is having trouble with Illinois’ much-loved tollway system. His I-Pass account has someone else’s transponder attached to it and he’s paying for some random jerk’s tolls. He calls the ISTHA and has it removed, but Illinois doesn’t refund his money and the transponder keeps coming back.