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Lawsuit Claims Apple Broke FaceTime On Older Devices On Purpose

Did Apple intentionally break an important piece of software on the iPhone, forcing users who wanted to keep using it to either upgrade their operating systems or purchase new phones? A new class action lawsuit alleges that it did, but the reason for the forced upgrade wasn’t to sell more phones. It actually has to do with patent law. [More]

Google adds Street View to iOS browser maps

Still No Google Maps App For iOS 6, But You Can Now Access Street View

As many people with an iOS device noticed when they upgraded to iOS 6, their Google Maps app had vanished into the ether, replaced with a map app that even Apple admits maybe isn’t that great right now. For people who still wanted to use Google Maps, they could still view them via a web browser, and now Google has turned on Street View. [More]

AT&T Won’t Deny It Plans To Charge Extra For FaceTime Calls

AT&T Won’t Deny It Plans To Charge Extra For FaceTime Calls

Some folks who are currently monkeying around with a beta version of the next iOS operating system for iPhones say they are getting a message from AT&T that seems to imply that the Death Star will be charging more — or at least separately — for subscribers who want to use the iPhone’s FaceTime chat over a cellular connection. [More]