If you don’t immediately buy a domain you lookup through Network Solutions, they will hold it hostage for four days at a price $25 more than what you normally would have paid. [DomainToolsBlog]

FCC To Investigate Comcast's Bittorrent Blocking

FCC To Investigate Comcast's Bittorrent Blocking

The FCC announced that it will investigate complaints against Comcast for disrupting BitTorrent traffic. Then again, it wasn’t a formal announcement, it was in response to a question posed by Consumer Electronics Association’s CEO Gary Shapiro in an interview before a live audience during the big electronics expo. “Sure, we’re going to investigate and make sure that no consumer is going to be blocked,” is what FCC Chair Kevin “Pretty Boy” Martin said exactly. “Sure” is not a word one uses to make a strong statement. He may have just been playing to the crowd. C’mon, it’s CES, he knew if he said otherwise he could find a bunch of geeks sitting on his car in the parking lot looking to “reformat his harddive,” if you know what I’m saying.

Video Of Ted Stevens Wanting To Switch Between Phones "As I Ride My Motorcycle"

In it, he says, “Is it coming? Why shouldn’t I be able to say, just by a little switch on my phone at home that’s wired, I’m going off on the wireless now, I want to use this as I ride my motorcycle…I’m bad. Pardon me.”