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Comcast CSR Provides Perspective On Why People Hate The Company

When we hear stories of inept or insufficient customer service, we often wonder whether it’s a case of a bad employee not willing to listen to the customer, or if it’s an unfortunate staffer being shackled by a system that treats the customer like a necessary evil. According to one billing and tech support rep for Comcast, it’s a bit of both. [More]

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Former Asurion Staffer Shares Insider Tips On Making Cellphone Insurance Claims

Anyone who has seen our numerous stories about readers dealing with Asurion, the insurance provider for an awful lot of wireless companies, knows that it might not always be the most pleasant experience. Now, a former front-line customer service rep at Asurion has written in to shed some light on what CSRs can and can’t do, and the best (and worst) ways to file your claim. [More]

Everything You Wanted To Know About

Everything You Wanted To Know About

Someone who says he’s worked with for a couple of years now sent us an exhaustive list of topics related to buying from the website. Learn about the Satisfaction Matrix that determines how a CSR treats you! Discover the best way to ensure a new shipping address is accepted into the system! Exciting stuff like that follows. [More]