Target Revamps Stores For Customers Looking For Convenience And To Stay Awhile

Target Revamps Stores For Customers Looking For Convenience And To Stay Awhile

Every year, retailers test concepts in their stores in order to meet consumers’ changing shopping habits: from using scan n’ go, no check out lines, or toying with the idea of no shopping carts. Target’s latest version of this revamp will focus on catering to customers who are in a rush and those who want to just get away for a bit.  [More]


Target Stepping Away From Innovation To Focus On Core Business

In an attempt to attract more customers and drum up sales in the face of fewer visitors and just so-so grocery sales, Target turned to innovation, creating prototype stores of the future and launching a super-secret project “Goldfish” that aimed on disrupting the retail landscape as we knew it. Those efforts are no more.  [More]

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3 Reasons We Don’t Fully Embrace New Things Right Away

At opposite ends of the shopping spectrum, you have the early adopters who rush to embrace the newest and shiniest products the moment they hit the market, and then you have those who choose to clutch on to the familiar, refusing to change until they have no choice. Even those of us in the middle have likely found ourselves hesitating at some point, reluctant to try something new. Is there some innate distrust in most humans that makes it difficult to fully embrace the latest innovations?

A recently awarded Google patent includes depictions of a new hand-triggered camera function that could be included in  future versions of Google Glass.

New Google Glass Could Reportedly Have Larger Display, Hand-Triggered Photo Capabilities

Citing the need for a redesign – and slow sales for its Explorers program – Google stopped selling the most recent version of its Google Glass back in January. While the company declined to provide any specifics on its next version of the device at the time, a newly awarded patent – and sources close to the device’s creation – give a few hints of what might be in store for the high-tech gadget. [More]

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Tesla Working On A Lithium-Ion Battery To Power Homes, Businesses

Pricey electric-car manufacturer Tesla plans to use its technology to revamp the way we power our homes. [More]

Text Messages Can Make You Save More Money

Text Messages Can Make You Save More Money

Could a text message make you save more?

Apple Files Patent App To Allow Wireless Ordering At Stores

Apple Files Patent App To Allow Wireless Ordering At Stores

Apple has applied to patent a wireless ordering system that would allow shoppers to place orders from, for example, their iPhones as they approached, oh, let’s say a Starbucks, bypassing an ordering line altogether and going straight to the pick-up counter. The system would also allow stores to keep data on repeat customers to speed up future transactions.