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Why Does UPS Need An In-Person Signature For All Of My Packages All Of A Sudden?

Have you noticed lately that UPS refuses to leave your packages on your doorstep, even when delivering only that tube of toothpaste you ordered using Amazon Prime at 3 A.M.? Cheryl noticed this happening recently. Signing the InfoNotice and slapping it on the door before work didn’t help: they had to sign for the packages in person. Why? She was an unwitting victim of fraud. [More]

UPS Won't Leave Packages At My Apartment – What Can I Do?

Emmy and her partner shop online a lot, and they’re also not home much during the day. Historically this hasn’t been a problem: UPS leaves an InfoNotice on the door of their four-unit apartment building, then returns the next day and leaves the package. After a management change, the delivery policy to Emmy’s neighborhood changed, too: they would have to fetch their packages from the depot ten miles away or have all packages delivered to Emmy’s work. They don’t like either option, but what else can they do? [More]

UPS Drives To Your House Specifically To Not Deliver Packages

UPS Drives To Your House Specifically To Not Deliver Packages

The UPS driver servicing Valerie’s neighborhood has a very shaky understanding of what his or her job actually entails. Every time that a package is Valerie-bound, on the very first delivery attempt the driver slaps a final notice on the door and returns the packages to the sender. (She didn’t mention whether they even bother to ring the doorbell.) Local management doesn’t seem to care, UPS corporate doesn’t seem to care, and Valerie can’t even avoid ordering things through UPS, since her baby registry is with a company that only uses them to ship. [More]