Trying To Get Out Of A Busy Grocery Store Quickly Is Just Tempting Fate

Yesterday, we shared the heartwarming story of a Harris Teeter supermarket that let customers leave with carts full of free groceries and not force them to wait around for the registers to start working again. Yesterday evening, sort of the exact opposite of that happened to Dina when she tried to get through her shopping trip to Giant quickly by using the self-scan station. Trying to get out of a crowded grocery store “quickly” is tempting fate, doesn’t Dina know that?! [More]

Who doesn't like a day trip to Memphis?

My eBay Package Took An Exciting Vacation In Memphis

Reader Chris won an eBay auction, and the seller just happened to live about a mile away from him. He asked if he could stop by to pick it up, but the seller mailed it instead. So the package went to the town’s post office, then right back out to Chris’s house, right? Wrong. They sent it more than 1,300 miles total, to Memphis, TN and back. [More]

When GPS Suction Cup Won't Suck, TomTom's Customer Service Does

When GPS Suction Cup Won't Suck, TomTom's Customer Service Does

To be fair, it’s not that the customer service agents that Dave spoke to at TomTom were unfriendly. It’s just that their RMA process is needlessly complicated. He received a defective suction cup thingy with his GPS unit, and called up the company so they could send him a new one. He spent more than an hour on the phone with various customer service reps to get a replacement. How much did TomTom spend paying their employees to verify that Dave was, indeed, eligible to receive a small piece of plastic that’s not very useful when one doesn’t already own a TomTom GPS? [More]