Mike Mozart

Wells Fargo Overhauls Teller Pay System After Fake Account Fiasco

Shortly after federal regulators fined Wells Fargo $185 million for its decades-long fake account fiasco perpetrated by employees who opened more than two million unauthorized accounts in order to meet high-pressure sales goals, the company said it would ditch the incentive system. Now, the bank has finally outlined its new approach to compensating employees that shifts the focus away from upselling add-on products and toward improved customer satisfaction. [More]


Samsung Tries To Move Past Galaxy Note 7 Debacle With Discounts On Note 8 In South Korea

Samsung may have discontinued the Galaxy Note 7 smartphone earlier this month after a massive recall linked to reports that the devices had the tendency to overheat and explode, but that doesn’t mean the tech company is ready to throw in the towel on the entire Galaxy Note line. In fact, a new report suggests the company is still planning a new version of the devices and offering customers in South Korea a discount if they stick around.  [More]

VW Offering Owners $2,000 “Loyalty Bonus” For Buying A New Car, Sticking With The Company

VW Offering Owners $2,000 “Loyalty Bonus” For Buying A New Car, Sticking With The Company

The hundreds of thousands of consumers still waiting to hear just how Volkswagen plans to fix their “clean diesel” vehicles rigged to cheat emissions tests could simply go buy a new automobile from the carmaker — you know, one that isn’t affected by the scandal. Or at least that’s what it appears VW is saying with the launch of an “Owner Loyalty Bonus” program. [More]