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"I talked to...Carol?"

What Happens If You Try To Hold A Board Meeting In The Office Chair Department Of Staples?

Have you ever looked at the furniture set up in an office-supply store and asked yourself, “I wonder what would happen if I brought a group of people and tried to hold a business meeting here?” To be honest, neither had we, but that’s why we don’t run Improv Everywhere. The NYC-based group has staged events like the No-Pants Subway Ride and flooding a Best Buy store with ordinary shoppers wearing plain blue polo shirts to see what would happen. For their latest mission, they rounded up 24 middle-aged actors, put them in suits, and held a board meeting right in the furniture section. [More]

Improv Everywhere Protests Wendy's Stereotypical Depiction Of Redheads

Redheads [Improv Everwhere]

Improv Everywhere Invades Home Depot

Softcore agit prop group Improv Everywhere sent 255 people to Home Depot in Manhattan to shop very slowly for five minutes.

Best Buy Pranked By Blue Shirt Horde

Best Buy Pranked By Blue Shirt Horde

80 members of the Improv Everywhere troupe dressed in blue polos and khakis and pranked the Best Buy store in Manhattan.