i’ll have the hot pocket

(Mike Mozart)

People Buying Fewer Hot Pockets After Tastes Change, SNAP Cuts

It’s easy to make fun of Hot Pockets. Over the years, we’ve laughed at the dough-encased food-like objects when they’ve been recalled for containing plastic and meat considered “unfit for human consumption,” when Nestle tried to sell young foodies on the products, and even when they were declared a separate food group. Things are not well at Nestle, which is Hot Pocket HQ, right now. [More]

Will ‘Premium’ Hot Pockets Draw In Foodies And Other Snobs?

Will ‘Premium’ Hot Pockets Draw In Foodies And Other Snobs?

Is it possible to reach customers who turn their noses up at tasteless packaged foods with your tasteless packaged foods? That’s the dilemma that the nation’s food business faces as they try to attract the attention of a generation of farmer’s market-loving food snobs. How can they coax these people to buy canned soup and Hot Pockets? [More]